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Das KMU-Portal des SECO ist mit über 1.4 Millionen Besuchern 2014 eine stark frequentierte Webseite für Unternehmen. Nebst den bisher angebotenen Online-Dienstleistungen der Bundesverwaltung, stehen neu auch die der Kantone zur Verfügung.

(FSO) - According to provisional results from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), production in the construction sector fell by 4.3% in 4th quarter 2014 compared with the previous year, turnover fell by 4.6%.

From 3 to 4 March 2015, delegations from Switzerland and China met in Bern for the 13th round of their bilateral human rights dialogue. The constructive atmosphere and the confidential framework of the meeting permitted the two sides to conduct an open and critical discussion on different views of the rule of law and criminal justice as well as about international cooperation on human rights and the inclusion of civil society.

Today in Canberra, Switzerland and Australia signed a joint declaration on the introduction of the automatic exchange of information in tax matters on a reciprocal basis. This is the first such declaration signed by Switzerland with a partner state. In accordance with their commitment to the Global Forum, Switzerland and Australia intend to start collecting data in 2017 and first transmit data in 2018, after the necessary legal basis has been created in both countries.

Switzerland’s real gross domestic product (GDP) in the 4th quarter 2014 rose by 0.6%* compared with the previous quarter. Private and public consumption expenditures as well as the balance of trade in goods delivered positive growth contributions. By contrast, the balance of trade in services and gross investments in equipment both failed to provide some impetus to growth. On the production side, the strongest contributions to GDP growth came from manufacturing, financial services, property and housing and the public sector. The GDP deflator remained almost unchanged against the 4th quarter 2013 (0.0%). The results of the quarterly national accounts give an initial and provisional GDP growth rate for the full year 2014 at constant prices of 2.0% compared with the 1.9% growth rate achieved in 2013.

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