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Swiss Consumer Price Index in December 2012 – Average annualised inflation rate of -0.7% in 2012

Neuchâtel, 11.01.2013 - (FSO) - The Swiss consumer price index calculated by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) registered a decline of 0.2% in December 2012. It reached 98.9 points (December 2010=100). Compared to the same month in the previous year, the inflation rate was -0.4%, compared with annualised rates of also -0.4% in November 2012 and of -0.7% in December 2011. The average annualised inflation rate in 2012 was -0.7%.

The complete press release is available in PDF format (see below)
Please note that the English version only includes the release's lead

Additional indications:

external  Swiss Consumer Price Index in December 2012 (32 KB)
external  Statistics Switzerland

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