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Deployment of unarmed Swiss military observers in Syria

Bern, 04.05.2012 - The Federal Council has decided in a circular procedure to send up to eight army members to participate in the mission to monitor the ceasefire and the peace plan in Syria. This decision is a response to an enquiry by the UN.

On 18 April 2012 the Federal Council decided that Switzerland would participate in this operation in the form of an initial detachment. On the basis of the Military Act and of a new resolution by the UN Security Council and an enquiry from the UN, the Federal Council has now decided to send up to eight unarmed military observers to the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS). 

The military observer who is currently part of the initial detachment will be transferred to the UNSMIS.  

Switzerland is thus contributing to the monitoring of the still fragile ceasefire and to the implementation of the peace plan proposed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. These are essential first steps in order to stabilise the situation and to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria. 

For further information:   
FDFA Information: Tel. +41 31 322 31 53 
DDPS Communications: Tel. +41 31 324 88 75 

Additional indications:

external  Secuirty Council Resolution 2043 (2012)
external  United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS)
external  Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT for peace support operations abroad, of the DDPS
external  The SDC’s commitment in the region

Address for enquiries:

Information FDFA
Federal Palace West
3003 Bern
phone +41 31 322 31 53
email: info@eda.admin.ch


The Federal Council
Internet: https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start.html
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Internet: http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/recent/media.html
Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports DDPS
Internet: http://www.vbs.admin.ch
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